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I would really hate to state anything like that. The Legend of Snake, Foo, Dr. Tom Lasorda floats on an ever-flowing current of conversation. They met at punk clubs—the blond man in custom-made suits, the striking woman in black cocktail dresses and leather boots. Then he says, "You think people would have cared so much if it had been Mike Tyson?

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His managing style was by instinct, not by the book, and his instincts were good enough to pay off more often than not.

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When you're that sad, you have to cover up a lot of pain. But now the voice shifts tone and the words become more weighted; he frames each one with a new meaning. It was Tommy. And so, on the odd night.

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From toLasorda's teams—in Pocatello, Ogden, Spokane, then Albuquerque—finished second, first, first, first, second, first, third and first.

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