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Nevertheless, since the men with AN display an unusually low RD and cooperativeness with respect to healthy homosexual and heterosexual men, it is possible that particularly in men a pattern of low social adaptation represents a specific risk factor for the development of anorexia nervosa. This is to test the hypothesis of a specific affinity between men affected by AN and the homosexual men personality profile. The TCI, items adult version [ 26 ], is a widely used instrument in the dimensional study of the temperament and character components of personality. Meyer and coworkers [ 12 ] and Murnen and Smolak [ 20 ] interpreted this complex debate, maintaining that an ED would be a pathologic feature of femininity risk factor with respect to masculinity protective factor. The recruited subjects were required to declare, beside the informed consent to participate in the study, their age, weight, educational level, and that they were not affected and they had no history of any clinically relevant mental disorder e. In contrast, homosexual women display the same levels of eating psychopathology [ 17 ] and seem to be less worried about their body shape [ 18 ] compared with heterosexual controls. Show 25 25 50 All.

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The present study assess the temperament and character profile of men with AN and compare it with groups of homosexual and heterosexual men.

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Homosexuality and Anorexia Nervosa: An Explorative Study on Personality Traits

In addition, studies of men with AN are mainly retrospective and they're hampered by a low number of patients or limited to the observation of diagnostic features, clinical characteristics, and epidemiology [ 4 ]. And then they sent me off. Two control groups, matched for sex, ethnicity, and educational level were recruited. There are thousands or millions of others that we are unaware of, that computers could very easily detect. Only few authors partially disagree, maintaining that the link between male homosexuality and EDs is weak [ 19 ]. Each patient and heterosexual control underwent a min clinical interview with an experienced psychiatrist who assessed the presence of current or past Axis I mental disorders with the administration of the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV SCID [ 24 ].

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Therefore 23 purely homosexual mentally healthy men age range, years; mean, His findings are consistent with the prenatal hormone theory of sexual orientation, he says, which argues that the levels of androgens foetuses are exposed to in the womb help determine whether people are straight or gay. He becomes prickly when I press him on Russia, pointing to its dire record on gay rights. It makes us uncomfortable. This possibly explains the higher liability of healthy homosexual men to mental suffering with respect to heterosexual men [ 614 ]. On to the stage stepped a boyish-looking psychologist, Michal Kosinskiwho had been flown from the city centre by helicopter to share his research. On 14 July last year, the Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedevand several members of his cabinet convened in an office building on the outskirts of Moscow.

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