Gay marriage leading to bestiality

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Give it some time, if we change the meaning of marriage then soon we will be called bigots for opposing things like bestiality and incest because we are trying to "legislate love". Bernardi told Fairfax Media he had been proven right on a number of controversial statements, including that climate change is not man-made and same-sex marriage leads to bestiality and polygamous marriages. In fact, there are more states that allow incest than there are that allow homosexuality. Just, you know, if you ask me for apple and I give you an orange you would say, well that's not an orange. Sexual orientation is not protected under the Constitution and LGBT groups are pushing for anti-discrimination laws tailored to protect members of that community. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below: Following, Fox News contributor Mallory Factor asked him to explain.

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If it shows something different, then I think we have to take a serious look at it.

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Ben Carson stands by claim that gay marriage leads to pedophilia and bestiality

I just see so much abuse in this, it's unreal. For example, in this Houston case, it is presupposed that the pastors in question may have said something that was objectionable to the homosexual community. Polygamy brings up a whole different system of marriage. Beastiality porn is everywhere and it's legal in the US. The second explanation for opposition to gay marriage this week came from Sue Everhart, head of the Georgia Republican Party. If an animal does not resist a relationship with a human, then there must be consent so why stop it? Same sex marriage has been legal in the Netherlands sinceand in various US jurisdictions since

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Polygamy is an entirely different system of marriage than the monogamous marriage system practiced. Share This Ben Carson: Gay rights activist Dan Savage was not convinced and continued with his efforts to undermine Santorum in the name of equal rights. Declined to support the ability of LGBT couples to adopt children, saying that he wanted to find out first how it impacted the sexual orientation of the children. See It, Share It. Whether it's Argentina or Canada, South Africa or Norway, no country that has legalized same-sex marriage has seen this wave of "deviant" behavior religious conservatives claim will happen.

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