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Oslo is the capital and main gay hub of the country. The statistical correlation between the Tech Pole and CDI is higher than the correlation between the Tech Pole and any of our individual diversity measures, and higher than that between the Tech Pole and simpler measures such as the share of college graduates in the population. Information for Health and Education Professionals. Today, however, when businesses make location decisions, they are on the lookout not for iron ore or forests, rivers or highways, but for people with ideas. Many businesses now identify as gay-friendly, allowing for a more diversified employee and customer base. Our reviews to free access, and uk.

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And of course, let's not forget that Malta is always one of the most fun and enthusiastic entries for the Eurovision Song Contest, especially cutie Fabrizio Faniello:.

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Methods The survey was provided in 25 languages and targeted at all users of the PlanetRomeo platform about 1. Several have chosen to exercise this option since the Obergefell ruling. We will absolutely keep our finger on the pulse and plan to repeat the survey in the future. Political and religious leaders from all over the world claim to defend 'traditional' family values.

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London has one of the best gay scenes in the world we are very bias of course!

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