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I'm glad you finally said something. If you're a girl, choose from the options, if you're not a girl, choose I'm Not A Girl and this question won't affect your result. I mean, I dunno, we could try? I have to think about it. Log in or sign up. Future Life Girls Only! Okay, so somehow by magic you both end up in their room.

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If a really attractive girl and a really attractive guy wanted to make out which would you choose?

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The 100% Accurate Gay Test

Log in or sign up. Ok so breakfast was nice and now you notice they're staring I don't watch porn. I'm a male lesbian get it? It's ok, you always do that. You're not getting up and I'm not letting you catch cold.

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I've known I was gay since I was five, and I just decided to see if these tests we're real or not. Future Life Girls Only! I am the musical theatre loving, rainbow flag wearing, out and proud homosexual your parents warned you about. I'm glad you finally said something. Already have and liked it. Fantastic more confirmation that I'm gay.

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