Steps to become a transgender

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During this surgical procedure, surgeons work to convert your penile and scrotal tissue into a vagina, clitoris, and labia. That depends on your family. Dependent factors for transitioning and body modification include, health insurance hormone access, surgeries, mental health services, etc. Ask your potential therapists lots of questions. Medical transition, the taking of hormones and having one or more surgeries, is a big step. Although you may recognize that your mind is a given gender, and you may have many expressions of that internal, mental sex, that are obvious to yourself and others, you must understand that you have missed out on years and years of social conditioning.

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You'd have to have bottom surgery to "have" a penis.

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Not Helpful 27 Helpful Sit down with your parents and make it as serious as possible. Thanks for letting us know. The last step is post-transition challenges, which may include adjusting to society with the new changes that the individual has developed. I needed to make sure to vet this article and save it as a future resource for anyone wishing advice from me, or anyone I know or come to know later who needs a brief, easy-to-understand article!

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I've known since I was five, I just didn't tell anyone, because back then it really was a big deal. Not Helpful 12 Helpful Start by telling people who you trust. Not Helpful 27 Helpful Hormones are not very expensive, and almost anyone can afford them.

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