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A senior Hoover aide came to call, and the conversation went as follows: Rumors have long swirled around J. Clint Eastwood referred to it this year before the launch of his movie, when he assured the J Edgar Hoover Foundation that J Edgar would not "portray an open homosexual relationship" between Hoover and his long-time male companion, Clyde Tolson. Dogs developed a range of facial expressions after humans domesticated them: A Comprehensive Reference Guide. This weaponizing of sexuality was not unique to Hoover.

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Spartacus Educational.

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Hoover promoted men inclined to homosexual indiscretions, including Tolson, who had barely 18 months experience with the FBI when he became Hoover's deputy. Edgar and Clyde, but Eastwood tap-dances around just what that may be. The George Washington University.

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