Why do gays hate christians

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My first emotional responses were shock and heartbreak, but I was mainly heartbroken that he had lived with this secret for years and had not felt safe to share it with a living soul. To Tohru Your comment has really been insightful. I remember this one poor professor who got fired for being gay. They will embrace celibacy and not engage in their sin. Reflecting this position, some pastors, for example, showed moderation during public statements. Speaking God's word equates to hate.

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I'm not trying to betray or hurt anyone.

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What It Is Like To Be Celibate, Christian, and Gay

Rekers claimed to be attempting to convert the young men to Christianity and said that he hired him to carry his luggage. My son "came out" to us when he was 19 years old. I have been converted and am not the same person I was before It was the first time I had ever actually allowed myself to picture it happening to me, and it felt like the dirtiest thing I had ever done. Please genuinely close your eyes and imagine yourself in our shoes.

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Now, we need to sympathize with them? For what you have done for me, i will not stop sharing your good name to people out there for the good work you done for me. I have been converted and am not the same person I was before I may not always be in agreement, but I still want to show love. It makes no sense to many.

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