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Buca di Beppo Ninth Ave N Who doesn't love to look at archival advertisements and fabulous cone bras of the type worn by the robust Sophia Loren? No one knew what it meant but us. Unfortunately, the effort is undermined by the placement of the sink, which requires hand-washers to shove past all pissers. Rules of the game: Plus, the stair-climb is oh-so-good for the glutes! Error when adding to fun collection.

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The Four Cheese Hero is to die for.

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The Cheesecake Factory Pike St The slices of dessert aren't the only thing decadent about the Cheesecake Factory; the restrooms are much fancier than you'd expect from an all-American "family restaurant" chain. According to an ear-witness, three weeks ago some guy vomited in the men's room for at least half an hour. They do not wish a relationship, because the wife and kids might get in the way of that. Do not disturb them cause they might bring a few friends to take care of the faggots in the park. This is also a site for some straight parking, too.

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Word to the wise: Each stall is supplied with chalkboard and chalk, and philosophical arguments wax heated and long. Better pull over, turn off that CD of "Radar Love" you've been playing ad nauseam, and take a load off--two days' worth--at the Washington State Department of Transportation's clean, spacious facilities. A trip to the john is a jarring experience, but it only makes your return to the restaurant that much sweeter. Looks very good and maintained! Not a restroom for females or the faint of heart.