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This hotheaded closeted football player played by Argiris Karras has some anger management issues. How did you get started in acting? But then one day I had a wake-up call and I moved to Canada. Emmerdale's Aaron Livesy Why? I was dancing on a show called Baxter. More on the candidates - and a chance to vote below.

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I knew a lot of the cast before.

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Shannon Kook-Chun

So far viewers have watched Zane help the still closeted Riley continue to do with his anger issues and worries over how coming it will affect his life. Nph playing a straight character doesn't fit in either category. But as we see in this first clip, he. I take things day by day. This week's Battle of the Network Gays includes a couple of angry young men finding their softer side, a cornea convalescent, and a gay senior dealing with some bad news. Table Of Contents Feature: I totally fall in love with him and they have to deal with the fraternity houses because their relationship is a big problem that causes a lot of chaos.

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Emmerdale's Aaron Livesy Why? It was very interesting to see everyone. I was doing acting in school as an extramural [activity], but never really thought of myself as someone who could actually do it. This was an exercise in anger control and Riley passed. Kook-Chun with Verona co-star John Bregar.

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