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Santorum and the Sexual Revolution. Walking home, Jaime was mortified. As he was leaving, Sasha stopped him and asked, "Would you want to hang out tonight and maybe try meeting each other again? The creepy guy Jerry, who is in his fifties and hides in dark corners until the young boys get drunk and then he makes his move, was there. The last thing I remember was Michelle taking off my clothes and your shirt, throwing them in the bathtub and putting us to bed.

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She sat up front and you and I started making out in the back.

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Now, had he been gross or rude, Jaime would have been out the door, but he wasn't. When we got back here, I said I thought I was going to be sick. A couple of grueling hours later, they were done and it was time for Jaime to go home and pass out again. Jaime gives him a "hi" and self-consciously crosses his arms when he sees the guy's broad, muscly chest. The Baton Show Lounge at He was completely disgusted with everything that had happened. You then followed suit by puking all over me.

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Frustrated and a ready to leave, Jaime heads for the door. Those are the big thoughts. Windy City Media Group does not approve or necessarily agree with the views posted below. He notices that his pants and socks are still on. I don't remember any of that. Walking home, Jaime was mortified.

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