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This young slave has been stripped naked and repeatedly raped by the arena-slaves. The result of having the large impaling 'knob' inserted into the anus, for most male slaves, was very strong, involuntary erection. Once the older lad was really 'stiff', instead of making him 'cum', the younger lad lay on his back on the sand, spreading his legs wide, and putting them over his shoulders. Whereas, the Egyptians and Hittites had used sharpened wooden stakes, the Romans, at least when slaves were tortured and executed in the arena, used wooden poles, but mounted into the wooden pole was a removable bronze shaft, usually topped with a large bronze ball, a bronze 'pine-cone', or a bronze model of a 'glans' a 'cock-head'. Earlier, he had been told by the arena slaves that, when he felt he was 'cumming', he should immediately pull his cock out of his partner's arse-hole, so that the arena audience could see his spunk squirting — and that he did. As expected, the older boy who was furiously wanking 'brought himself off' very quickly.

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The naked, mutilated, impaled corpse would then be dragged, by ropes with hooks inserted into the heels to the Spoilarium, where the messy and smelly job of removing the deeply embedded shaft and 'knob' from the slave's body would be undertaken by arena-slaves.

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He is then bound and the arena-slaves 'play' with the embarrassed slave's cock and balls to get him really 'hard'. Even if the fuck itself had been quite short, the boy's orgasms had been spectacular, and perfectively timed. Straight-away he pulled his huge cock out from his young brother's spasming arse-hole and, grabbing hold of the unruly 'tool', he aimed it at his young sibling's face. It was at this point that the naked boys once again became aware of the appalling fate that awaited them. Gay Artists Magazine Gay art magazineDaily color articleabout gay art history, artists interviews, exhibitions announcement, artists portfolios, all is free service. Unlike the Egyptians and the Hittites, the Romans did not use impaling as a form of execution, and the rounded knobs and un-greased shafts were intended to allow the victim to be impaled without injuring him internally to the extent that it would result in his death. Pointless, really as both he and his brother would be ripped open by the impaling stakes later — each ending up with an arse-hole that was totally mangled.

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This, of course, was to be the last time that either boy would fuck, in the sense of getting their prick up a boy's arse-hole, or up a girl's 'slit', or up her arse. Once the arena-slaves see that the naked, squirming boy seems to have 'drained' himself, they slice open his bulging ball-bag. Once the slave had been 'finished off', the naked corpse would be removed from the impaling pole with the bronze shaft now buried deeply still inserted in the slave's body. As he squeals hysterically, the arena slaves pull out his hefty bollocks, which they cut off, one at a time. His older brother then bent over him, pushed down his stiff prick, so that the bulging cock-head was pointing at his brother's arse-hole.

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