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Ellen DeGeneres on Coming Out: I make them happy. Time magazine cover, April 14, I just really wanted to free myself of that prison that I was in. Because kids loved my show, you know. Just s ay your name and spell your name. But I can imagine what that must have been like for everybody else to have that kind of party.

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You know, all these jokes about, you know, there are penis jokes on just about every single show.

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Ellen DeGeneres lauded for gay rights influence

You don't walk around saying I'm gay to one another, because, if you're in a gay bar you pretty much— like, nobody just goes over and says 'I'm gay. Just lived my life. And stop the hatred, and stop the judgment. DeGeneres is credited with having " influenced gay rights more than any other celebrity ," according to a nationwide survey of 2, adults between the ages of 18 and 65 conducted by Variety in Like I wish that would happen again. How was it coming back?

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I think she bought it and then she managed it. It was a first rate media storm and Ellen handled it with with the kind of grace and sense of humor that made me proud to be a member of her tribe. And also being on TV every single week they feel like they know you. It was very clear to me that I liked girls. Ellen DeGeneres on Coming Out:

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