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The hottest night has gotta be Tuesday's "The Hole," Dirty Burty's glorious boy bash with hard-body go-go guys grinding in their undies and DJs spinning groove-driven mixes that make you want to join them. Los Angeles has several different scenes dotted across the city with a thriving gay nieghbourhood in Boystown, WEHO, classic Silver lake and up and coming Downtown. All-access pass to the top stories, events and offers around town. The location in the heart of Hollywood. The legendary Drag Bingo nights are always a hoot with big prizes, plus some of the money made goes to charity. The sheer unapologetic gayness and dare I say ratchet-ness of the bar:

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Bear contests, "Tightwad Tuesdays" cheap men, cheap beer and "Meatrack," combined with the decor neon genitals on the wall and gay porn on the screens keep things pure here or un-pure, as the case may be.

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Gay Los Angeles and West Hollywood: All about the cool 'hoods

Club Cobra may be a Latin club, but it's also very inclusive, especially for the Trans community: For more Los Angeles tips, check out my mini gay guide to the City of Angels — including restaurant, hotel and cultural recommendations. Robin Gans' long-running lesbian love fest. Faultline and AKbar host regular theme nights, underwear parties and the popular Sunday beer bust. And you may just run into a "gay"-list star sitting at the table next you, like a queen from RuPaul's Drag Race or an actor.

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Basix Cafe American brunch and lunch. Open since Octoberthe bar's focus on craft cocktails is what makes it stand out and why I chose it as our first stop of the evening. No Thanks Sign Up. This authentic leather bar can get rather lascivious at times, which means you wont find boozed up bachelorette party girl posses in dick jewelry taking over. The Muchos Nachos, described on the menu as a "mountain of fresh tortilla chips," are among the best nachos in town and can easily be shared by a large group. Two happy hours, one from 4 to 8 p. Located in Silver Lake, Malo is the perfect solution for your need for good L.

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