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My family just took an Anglo-Saxon name and stuck van in front of it? Fortunately, it reflects my character. The whole idea behind it is the mindset of anglophones: Of course you know that your Bill is our bottom? PostNL delivering packages to private residences during evening hours.

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We also had a teacher named Koekoek coocoo, the bird and two local car companies:

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Funny Names

Mostly, it tells of how their sense of humour helped the Dutch through the hard times…. The leader of a guild, for instance, was known as gilde-koning hence: People wanted to be rebellious against Napoleon in their own little way and came up with ridiculous names, not realising those names may be theirs forever… just saying like. Even in London, where I have been living sinceI often sink 30 fathoms deep, in righteous indignation, for the behaviour of some Dutch tourists — especially when they come in packs! Or else, perhaps from Drente or Groningen in the north. My brother and I would always be laughing when Bill Clinton was on the news, because that was an American President called bil i.

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There's really almost no end to bad puns, and that's why you see endless streams of drag-queen names that deserve to be tucked in but good. Actually bone crusher translates it much better. The myth that people made up names to mess with Napoleon is just stupid. Merry, if you had read through earlier posts you would know that in Dutch, Broek also means marsh or low-lying land, so van den Broek is actually the equivalent of the English name Marsh! Its a short name for elizabeth i believe. And Eikel into Acorn.

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