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The Trump administration withdrew from the nuclear deal inbecause the agreement did not prevent Tehran from developing atomic weapons and continuing its military expansionism and terrorism. Attack on ships in Gulf of Oman occurred near Iran's Jask navy base. Inthe Netherlands stopped deporting gay men back to Iran temporarily. October 20, The Jerusalem Post.

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What changed?

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This position has been confirmed by the current Supreme Leader of IranAyatollah Ali Khameneiand is also supported by many other Iranian clerics. December 5, The self-esteem issues that cripple Cary and lead him to getting blonde streaks and a tan are equally present in the albeit filtered world of the Instagays. But even though the law changed in the UK, it is still illegal to be gay in some parts of the world.

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Reframing the conversation on Iran around a human rights issue that enjoys broad support in Europe could help the United States and Europe reach a point of agreement on Iran.

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