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Anything else will seem inauthentic. The student conduct code applies to all students regardless of sexual orientation. Human sexuality and sexual orientation are addressed in various courses in several academic departments. The most powerful work comes from your core. It also provides a supportive community through discussion and social activities. For this project, the idea of the record came first. That is to say, we believe that homosexual orientation is not a sin, and we strive to love our gay, lesbian, and bisexual students as ourselves, as God expects of us.

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Anything else will seem inauthentic.

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When we sin by misusing our sexuality, we can receive abundant forgiveness and grace through our Savior Jesus Christ. NewNowNext had the opportunity to chat with Calvin about his origins, inspirations, and musical experiences. On a practical level, living arrangements may need to be discussed. I got to go play in Sweden this year, Finland in a little festival there, as well as Austria where we gathered about 9 different harpists and played in a little castle on a hill. My background in music is in the church.

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Being at the crossroads of ideas is vital if we are to offer our students an education that is Christian, Reformed, and constructively engaged with the complexities of the world we live in. The college will review and investigate all reports, and provide for fair and impartial evaluation and resolution. I was also thinking, how do I write a record where the music comes first, then the writing of the song. My mom listened to gospel and my dad listened to Motown. We recognize that students are best supported if they are able to share their questions, struggles, and self-understanding with trusted others. He invited me up on stage to sing and at the same time, someone drove up to the property and we saw the headlights come through the woods.

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